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tv   [untitled]    March 8, 2013 6:00am-6:30am PST

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>> . >> [sound of gavel] the commission will come to order. secretary president torres. here. vice president doury commission moran. commission toest is skewedded from todayth meeting. >> all right we have a quorum public comment please? mr. costa welcome. i wanted to come over here and speak in a manner that is forthright. so, some of you received my articles and if you read my articles, the many point
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is that we serve the community. and what is hooping in the various departments including the s f g o c is that in certain areas, we lack standards. new commissioners know because of your experience that ethics, morals, standards, count. when we do not pay attention to that, and matter go before the ethics commission, then a can of worms is opened and we don't want that. now, many of us have come from the community and explained to you that the southest sector is not only a bay view but district 910 and 11 has been
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adversely impacted. and, we know just because of the nature of the water system improvement project, that type of project and that type of outreach was different from what is what should be done with the sewer system improvement project and i have been saying this for a long time and i really miss the gentlemen who was on the commission richard straw, i really miss him because, when you spoke to him, he really understood what were the needs of the community. so, when puc didn't listen to us and wanted to place three combustion turbine and is we the people fought it and won, p. kruvment wassen lightened now we have other project and some of
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you commissioners have spoken about it in a forth right manner and some of you have not and the end result is this: when we dot analysis: do we consult who are adversely impacted for over 60 years do we consult them don't think they are ignorant. they are as statute in other ways and so when we attend add committee benefits meeting recently, the community spoke well and one of you all was there present and so those are the types of dialogs that we have and so thank you very much. >> thank you any other general public comments? there being none -- oh, all right you -- very briefly i know i appreciate staff often i wanted to do that again today last with him week c ac subcommittee had
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a meeting about contaminants that is of concerning that that's all be before you in some most and i think it's good that we had a discussion out of c a. >> the clerk: subcommittee earlier to inform staff and i think that is a good example of the staff working with the c ac and awful us to do the right thing and i just wanted to call that out and thank people. steve and andrew and their staff. thanks. >> all right i so want today get into the public comments i forgot to approve the minutes. is there any questions from any of members on the minutes as currently written. i do not see anything. >> approved. >> all those in favor signify by saying aye. all right the minutes are approved as printed. communications any comments on that members of the commission? yeah, commissioner? we are on item five, correct?
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>> correct okay five c the real estate update. um,, let's see how shall i say this is this to amuse me or keep me going that commissioner you had to do something about real estate i have been an activist for over two years and all i do is get report after report and perhaps my colleagues here would like to join in don't you think it's time that we address these properties? don't we open owe it to the rate pairs if we could make some money. indeed.. >> so how about at our next meeting where we have all five commissioners where we can schedule a workshop on real estate number. without objection that shall be the order. >> all right. any other comments from members of the commission on communications? any public comments from the
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general public on general communications item number five? all right there being none other commission business? no? all right we will move on to the report of the jeep manager mr. kelly. good afternoon it's, i would like to provide an update on the ssi p. sorry -- we will admit that. good morning commissionerses my name is emile yo cruise mint commissioner structure first of all, i would like to thank you to servant puc commission specially during this interesting time of improving the program and the water system and the sewer system and in the first week on the job has been nothing less than outstanding although quite
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honestly, i think i managed to avoid looking like a deer in the headlights as i have been better ranged with a a lot of issues and certainly there is a lot going on at the puc and i'm fortunate to have a great staff at my disposal to update you on your goals and today i'll present on the schedule and scope scope and programs managed by the prial director and shell outline for you our schedule as well as our goal to outline the project for this year as we launch the sewer system program and followed by that. jeep will present to you our staffing plan and keep in mind the staffing plan looks at all resource and not just our credible trucks but it also takes into account all of the staff including accountants, attorneys contract millioners and all of the resource necessary to implement the program when you look at raw numbers.
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secondly, keep in mind our goal to keep as much technology in house as much possible to use the valuable resows that we have at the puc and to use city coemployees to implement the program everywhere we can search when we implement the program we will go out to the world and pull from the brightest that they have to offer to join forces with the city it team up and implement this program and if you have any questions at the end of the present tiges, we will be able to present them for you and with that it's back to you. thank you memory yo. [spelling?] and good afternoon president torres and we will talk about the next seem with the sewer system improvement program and we will re-cap the validation work that we did this past summer and then we will talk about the implementation of stage one project which have been authorized and funded. jeep will be walking through resource the contracting
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approach, the tools for efficient deliver and risk management and i'll return to talk about the public outreach evident. jeep is the ssi p deputy of preconstruction activity he served in that role with -- and will serve with me in this program and it's a real pleasure to work with him and so as you recall we had three phases for$3.9 million program for the ssi p program and we willive moving forward with phase one the projects that were better defined to learn additional things and then be able to move forward into phase two and three ultimately. the break-down of the phase one projects that we are into immediately out the gate, there is three different distinct categorize the first includes planning through construction and what we have in in are fully
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funded the djer project as well as the of course, the green infrastructure project where we will have one test project within each of the eight water sheds. >> onth that point what is the last time those djers have been inspected. oh, wow we have just been inspecting them we have actually have two ought right now that are being work on and we have a jock contract. >> but two of them are not currently function x. two of them are not functioning but we had an additional infection where we looked at the roof and the situation is dire. >> very dire. something will be coming to you mr. president if it has not come to you already and we will walk through that and so we have an emergency contract. >> so on those digester issues are they controlling the smelts that are emanating. >> it's hard to do that with the current situation and they are floating and the gas and is
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for those of you that are violence of the law visiting the facility i know member moran has --. >> i can't begin to tell you how many complaints i have received regarding the odors. and that is why this project is so important. >> why did it take so long to get it implemented. everyone is --. >> you have been here longer than i have. this is probably commissioner heinous --. -- i go back 15 years this is my third go-through. now we have sun day and now we have a policeman manager in place and we have a contractor that is actually on your letters of contracts today the list of contracts that is going forward to be able to hire the designer we have the contracting approach. >> when are the rfp's going out. in about two weeks middle of march and this is for the discipler that will be pape
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taking us to-. >> construction 2018-2022 and stwierlle review weapon we have to go through planning. >> this is not a reflection on current staff and certainly not the general manager but this has not been with the seniority with the experience this is not a new issue and i'm trying to figure out why it has taken so long. well at this point. we can only move it forward and we cannot makeup for time that has been made lost. >> no, you are missing my point you can makeup more lost time in the future by make correcting the mistakes that were done in the plast and make sure they didn't happen again that is all and so i would like to see the reasons why there is such delays. we can give you a chronological order of all the events and i'm sure commissioner
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cane can add to that but most lienly through this commission, they actually authorized us with the agreement of $2.7 million to take this program forward and so that is the latest start that we are measuring to now and after that, we were attached to how we can move up forward and we came one a way to move it forward by modifying the deliver method and so we are trying to move it as quickly as possible so the rfp's go out so the best companies to come on board with the b.s. situation and so we are really going to move mooive forward but yes, it has been a long-time coming and everyone really agree that is we need to invest in that community and that plant. >> so the graded odorship grades which total 2.2 million of this budget they will begin the plan.
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we started the planning on that already and the construction will begin in a few years that is not going to be the large the expensive environment. . review foster forth digesters for the dig j didders project week do a more briefing for you? a. i do not want take the timing in the commission but in private i would like that. >> for me the grit removal is really important because that is an a sand that when the velocity of the flow comes in it did he tier ditierior rates [spelling?] our equipment and so it's a big project for me as well. >> that is where all of the flows enter and that is-- i have experienced it but i have also experienced the complaints from residents and i totally empathize for them and my apologize for them that we have not moved more quickly in this area because i don't know how i
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could survive there and they are surviving everything every day with that odor and straikses and god knows how many other thing make may be in the air and the prop 55 on the prop of every bougets bottle on carcinogens and is i'm not incense active to these suspicious the fact that we have just found out on the department of environment is we found a connection between spes side and autism during the gestation period and so there are so much so many issues that we don't know about and i want to make sure that, that community is protected and i know you have those feelings and concerns but i want to make sure that we move as aggressively as we can and count on me to support you to do that. we appreciate that, thank you. >> and thank the other commissioners whore here
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fighting this fight longer than i have. and you have heard commissioner cane and myself express our frustration with how long it's taken and there are of course, reasons and it's a "trail of tears" in a way that gets you there and part of it was figuring out which of many option would be taken in getting the concurrence of the it cancal staff in the community and which way we would go the best piece of news here, i thought was that the efforts you talked about in moving thing forward has moved the project forward 18 most and that is a significant advance and i think we are on the right track it has just been pain fully slow getting here and it's just we share your frustration. >> no kidding. thank you. >> okay thank you and can we put the slides up one more time and stage one includes some projects from preliminary design so we can have them better defined and we can talk about
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that pthem quite a bit during the central baseline project and will help' alleviate storm control in the community and the city. when we put the program together the ssi t. we had phase one, two ask three and this is just a graphical representation of how those faces look. the first boxes that we will can starting with all of the project lined in united that have the green bars are ones that we have started on and we have begun on all of the projects that the commission has authorized in face one but as you can see here the schedule of these faces don't -- together eveningingly and so we will coccyx back for guidance and on direction and that is where you see the break between phase one and two and will he and i believe it was our last commission meeting where the commission moved forward with the capital improvement budget and capital plan and that is represent there on the bottom with the $3.4 billion over ten
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years and that is covers many of our most important project but we have a big workload and we have two large project the digesters of course, which we discussed just no one now and the bay side improvement program and i want to bring jeep up to the podium to walk through with you details as we begin to implement all of these project:. . >> good afternoon jeep-commissioners and i'm going to walk you through the implement take plan. plans objective is just like with the -- following the same protocols. this slide shoughs you the skells what we did is took all the data which we created and
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shared with you earlier and went through the validation process and made sure that the teams are assigned the assignments are made and efforts have been made to start the implementation of it first of all,, as you know when you want implementation up you have to have a good orange organization in place and this organization has been developed and it's similar to -- it has been argumented to such as various functions impr-there is highly technologically oriented and we did aught the process. the next thing is the resource planning and what we did is again the governing principles that it's a city -- led to -- and we are going to maximize the puc and other resource, of
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course, we will require help from the consultant do the specialized work and unplanned work. going to the next one, attracting attention to the schedules what we did is took a first pass on this schedule and how we can do the resource loading. what the expenses are every year and how the first ones are going to be and let's see what the pools look like again, this is a -- concept based on our visible experience and based on some other project experience we took a stab at it to putting it percentagous rate and as an example this is one typical project and in this example if you look at it in a planning phase we have 80% of the role being played by the consultant and 20% by the city staff and that is the conceptual
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and all the 98 for to and is what not and then it goes to 50/50 and believe me, each and every project. actually we have gone through all of the faces and identified what roles the city is going to play and what the consultants are going to be and same thing for the conception. museum. where it is needed we know that towards the 16th the discipline is going to consumer quite of it city stuff in duplication management and after that, i think it's all going to be claimed and well available for working on the system this slide, actually gives you an overall projects of the work which, is going to be done by puc this is all of the enterprise and the capital ependiture and is what it includes is includes power and has an r and r and enterprise relate of the projects included
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in it and it also captures all of the resource for puc or enterprise in the infrastructure and or departments which are included and going to the next slide, actually, this gives you a good picture about water enterprise in our program and overall when we look at that time it's like comes out to be 50/50 or 50 one 49 and 50 being the city and 49 being the consultant and so what it does is gives you biosolids which, is where most of the consists as been at work and 62% consult antiand thers is city staff and above that actually 28% work will be done by the city staff and 42 by the consultants.
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next one is consulting approach we are going to have consultant and contracts and we are going to have construction and we are going to look at it as an you want deliver system whether as it's designed built and we are going to evaluate which project will fit into that category we are overriding the criteria and we want to increase the l v and opportunities and we want make sure that the small firms are there and we want to make sure that there is a maximum competition. we want to make sure that there is participation from the local funds is maximized. this gives you a little summary of where we stand and how we see the context going out. under $50,000,000.15 year contract is already in place and 13 million-dollar for the baseline system is also in place and as i mentioned we are going
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go out by this project it's about $18 million fall into that, we will have some environmental as we did and z mvment as we did extract after planning once we know what the pot colls are going to be and the needs are going to be then we will establish if we do need? general service monthly pool-kind-of contracts if that approach will be right. while drafting the implementation plan one of the things that i want to he will tell you is that we are plan to take these accomplishmented and enhance them and for instance the tool while we have been using it, we did a construction management plan and we don't have a program implementation plan from the start and we have developed a program implement tax plan for
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the system we have it internally at this moment but in a month or so, we will issue it as a formal document and as you. . in 2,007 there is a program management evaluation done similarly we have done it on this system as well and we have identified the relatives and we have come up with the mitigation plan we will be dropping and completing that plan and soon, we will be putting responsibilities for different people to make sure it's done. but we are going to take another step further that is on a project basis, we will be doing the risk analysis early. as you recall, on the renalle side on the ssi p we did the project specific risk assessment mostly in the construction only for projects we had included it in the preconstruction phase here we intend to do it all critical in the preconstruction. similarly, we will have a
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multimanagement plan in place, we will make sure that all of the tools such as the bottom line is implemented and we want to make sure that ultimate deliver of criteria, we have done analysis we have actually developed a criteria and an evolution form which i expect all project managers to use it to see what alternate system can be applicable to their project we also are in the process of working hold and michael hold to come up with technical advisory in the city committees to steal in program. and also, the whereas one i want to take your attention to the -- there, we will get the opportunity, i want to make sure that the lessons learned are good and are there we need to improve and in the program. we have gone through all of the succession we have stream lines those procedures
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to respond to our organization and this program and we have also included all the definitions that were in the -- program into our standard specifications so they are not be heard again and we want make sure the lessons learned and the coordination and our department was that also is tarylzed in it. the last point that i want to make is that we have done a risk management plan for the add program level and it was three months effort. we had a consultant of the program management consultant giving us a couple of expresses we went threw all of the interviews and are respect to that, came up with the risk management plan as well. we are going to very soon issue that and we looked at the evaluation practice and we came up with the four% in the first ten years and five% in the
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second ten years and you will that in the ssi p we had three and-a-half all along and there was a push in the middle 2,007 to change it but we stuck with our 3.5 and it paid off farrell well is this plan will be again updated from time to time we want to revisit it and the vectors which i would like to share with you is that one of hem is the primary one is the maintenance maintaining the plans while we are doing it. as you just discussed it and so. classical example and how you keep it learning as we are building it and the second one is our design criteria is going to be flexible enough to make sure that changing regulatory quorum is operated in it and the third one the very big one is managing the state expectation, that is going to be a real challenge. so, as we mutt the plan together. we will definitely come back to share with you and now, i ask karen
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to come back and give you the communication points. >> one question. thank you. >> when you say managing state holders expectations what do you think those expectation are. as you know in this program, they are the stakeholders are a lot from the rate pairs all the way to the people living in the and around the south the facility and people more expecting contacts to be given to them and the contacts and the jobs be given to them and so everyone is looking at this program and so how do you manage it and communicate with them and disseminate the insertion to them?. . >> and ...? years ago that is what we have to focus a lot of the attention on right now and can we get the slides up again one more time please. >> and we have the chinese new p